Stephen Burrows, Bevy Smith and Sway talking Fashion

I had a great time at SiriusXM Studios talking fashion and history with Sway and Bevy Smith.  We needed another hour!

A snippet of my SiriusXM interview this week.  More to come.  After editing… PS.  I bet you didn’t know that I originally wanted to be an Art teacher!

Ms. Jay, Patrick McDonald, Pat Cleveland, and Bethann Hardison, and Richard at one of my shows

Veronica Jones, and June Ambrose at the Met Museum.

With my Cabine at one of my shows

The opening of my Paris Show Spring 2007


    “I consider Burrows the only original American designer since Claire McCardell,” Karl Lagerfeld, fashion’s most opinionated man, once said, “Why? Because he created his own rules about cut. It was sophisticated, original, unorthodox.”[1] - Voguepedia
  • Stephen Burrows exhibition: ‘An American Master of Inventive Design’

    May 17-Sept. 15
    SCAD Museum of Art
    601 Turner Blvd
    Savannah, GA